The US-IUSF is an acronym for the United States International University Sports Federation, which is the official representative and governing body for the United States in all FISU events, such as the World University Games and the World University Championships. In 1967, the United States Collegiate Sports Council (USCSC) officially presented its credentials to the General Assembly of the International University Sports Federation (FISU) at the Tokyo World University Games. They were subsequently accepted by the FISU General Assembly and became the governing body for the United States in all FISU events.  In 2005 the USCSC officially changed its name to the United States International University Sports Federation (US-IUSF).

The US-IUSF has hosted two World University Games – the Winter Games in Lake Placid in 1972 and the Summer Games in Buffalo, NY in  1993.  They have also hosted four World University Championships.


  1. To promote the general objectives of the International University Sports Federation (FISU).
  2. To promote the development of international collegiate sports on an amateur basis.
  3. To promote internationally the physical education and welfare of students.
  4. To promote closer contacts between students of all countries and their cooperation for the unity of international collegiate sports.
  5. To ensure that the greatest amount of publicity be given to the promotion of collegiate sports in all parts of the world.
  6. To sponsor and coordinate professional seminars and conferences concerned with international collegiate sports and physical education.
  7. To assist in making arrangements for United States teams to FISU or other international collegiate competition sponsored or approved by FISU.
  8. To promote international understanding and communication by sponsoring international collegiate sports exchanges.


The US-IUSF Board of Directors consists of 4 members of the NCAA, 2 members of the NAIA, 2 members of the NJCAA, and 2 members of NACDA.  The Board meets annually to evaluate the USA’s past participation in FISU events and plan future competitions and educational events.

The US-IUSF has had 8 presidents in its long tenure.  Dr. Gary Cunningham has served in that role since 1996. During that time Dr. Cunningham served terms as an athletic director at the University of Wyoming, Fresno State University and the University of California-Santa Barbara.

George Killian. long time member of the US-IUSF movement begining in 1977, was elected FISU  vice-president from1987-1999 and then took over the FISU presidency from 1999-2011.

Nicholas Rodis served  US-IUSF in many positions from 1967-2001.  During that tenure he also served as a FISU vice-president from 1971-83.  He was the first official Executive Director/Secretary General of the organization from 1987-2003.  Dr. Stan Brassie assumed the role of Executive Director/Secretary General in 2003.